Immune system

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Immune system by Mind Map: Immune system

1. External barriers

1.1. Skin

1.1.1. Dry and dead cells

1.1.2. Lactic acid

1.1.3. Sweat and Sebum

1.1.4. Good bacteria (Bacterial flora)

1.1.5. Lysozyme

1.2. Mucous membranes

1.2.1. Cilia

1.2.2. Mucus Trapped germs are killed by HCl and Proteolytic enzymes

2. Non-specific internal defenses

2.1. Phagocytosis

2.2. NK cells

2.3. Inflammation

2.4. Fever

3. Specific immune response

3.1. Lymphocytes

3.1.1. B- cells Memory B-cells Plasma cells

3.1.2. T- cells Cytotoxic T- cells Helper T-cells Supressor T-cells Memory T-cells