Classroom managment

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Classroom managment by Mind Map: Classroom managment

1. Rules

1.1. Be Kind

1.1.1. Come to class prepared Homework completed No Talking in Class out of turn Turned in at the start of class. Pencils, Paper, Folders

2. Weekly Schedule

2.1. At the end of each week, quizzes will occur for daily work.

2.1.1. ELA and Math quiz will be from the daily math done every morning.

2.2. Math will coincide with the district math curriculum.

2.2.1. ELA from benchmarks. Also under the directives of Common Core standards.

2.3. Music is under the guidelines of the music teacher during the prescribed times.

2.4. Science will progress according to the district Science curriculum.

2.5. PE will occur at the end of the school day. This is to allow time for the kids have fun, and unwind from all day in class.

3. Daily Routines

3.1. Morning role call

3.1.1. Daily work (ELA and Math) ELA lesson Recess