ADDIE mind map

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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Develop - 3rd phase where creation of the actual course content happens based on design decision from Design phase.

1.1. Create necessary multimedia (text, video, animations, etc.)

1.2. Make & test course features

1.3. Put together all of essential course content and features into a well tested, functional whole that is ready to be shipped out

2. Implement - 4th phase where course is made accessible to learners and delivery method is setup.

2.1. Publish the course to LMS (or other "platform")

2.2. Setup feedback gathering mechanics

2.3. Setup access for students and any associated rules

2.4. Monitor for critial issues

2.5. Assist students & instructional staff w/ course content as necessary

3. Evaluate - 5th phase that aims to assess whether learning was effective and met desired objectives. Feedback is gathered to improve the next iteration.

3.1. Collect feedback on the course

3.2. Did the course meet learning objective(s)?

3.3. Identify future improvements for the course

3.4. Consider if the course can be shortened and/or visuals simplified

3.5. Consider if current, course development process is sustainable into the future

4. Design - 2nd phase that aims to establish course strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, and feedback mechanisms.

4.1. Can this course be made on a shoe-string budget or do I need a team?

4.2. What skills and asset libraries are available to me?

4.3. How will updates to course be handled?

4.4. What tools will I use to create the course & materials?

4.5. Create a prototype

5. Analyze - 1 phase that focuses on identification of problem(s) to be solved and analysis of current problem space in terms of target audience, learning objectives, and learner considerations.

5.1. What learning gap is being addressed? Why?

5.2. What do our learners already know on the topic?

5.3. What are learner/organizational motivations for seeking to fill this knowledge gap?

5.4. Who will be taking this course?