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Personal Homebrew (share) by Mind Map: Personal Homebrew (share)

1. Synopsis

1.1. In times long past the Goddess of the Elements walked the land and ruled through her avatars. Magic has begun to leave this world as mankind forgets the very nature of magic is to be shared not controlled. The time comes again where mankind has forgotten its way and magic has become an almost rare sight outside the divine orders. Will the Goddess wake and bring balance to the world through her avatars? Will those who seek control of magic and its influence on man prevail? Which side will you be on?

1.1.1. Queen of Chaos Obyrith

1.1.2. Goddess of the elements "Goddess of the Elements Race"


1.2.1. Bard: Tales of Mysterious Beings of power have led you to seek them out.

1.2.2. Barbarian: Your instinct has led you to seek out the disturbance in the land

1.2.3. Cleric: Your deity is worried about dark time to come.

1.2.4. Druid: The plants speak of the time of primordial return.

1.2.5. Fighter: the spirit of an old fabled warrior appeared to you with a warning of fights long past coming again.

1.2.6. Monk: Through your meditation, you feel the world to be at a critical point and seek to understand it.

1.2.7. Paladin Your divine nature has led you to feel a dark area in the world.

1.2.8. Ranger: The animals speak of the time of primordial return.

1.2.9. Rogue: The dark is full of rumors of the time of man coming to a close.

1.2.10. Sorcerer: The elements in your blood have begun to “sign” stronger than the arcane around you

1.2.11. Warlock: Your patron tells you of the prophecy of the priestess of the Elements

1.2.12. Wizard: The web hums with old Magic not seen in generations.

1.2.13. Other: Rumors of a weapon thought lost to the sands of time have begun to gain

2. Towns/Cities

2.1. Lockinge

2.1.1. Known for its trade-in rumors and knowledge, expansive library and one of the only libraries in the land with direct links to most if not all other libraries in the land as well as some private collections.

3. NPCs

3.1. John Geldman

3.1.1. Adrel Geldman

3.1.2. Humble Cloud Geldman(cloud)

3.1.3. Redla Geldman

3.1.4. Anispira Geldman

4. Oragizations

4.1. Goldman Orphanages

4.2. The Jolly Compass

4.2.1. Thistle Do Nicely

4.2.2. The Calculating Cat

4.2.3. The Reading Dwarf

4.2.4. The Velvet Weapon

5. Gods/Goddesses

5.1. Thed:

5.1.1. Goddess of rape, mother of mallihed(mal- I-hEd).

5.2. Mallia,

5.2.1. Mother of Disease

6. possible monsters

6.1. Lorelei from kolbold press



6.4. Elemental Tempests (MM?)

6.5. Archomental

7. Cosmos

7.1. Inner Planes

7.1.1. upper inner planes Elemental Chaos Plane of Air Plane of Ice Plane of Water Plane of Lighting Plane of Earth Plane of Fire

7.1.2. Lower inner planes Ethereal Plane Feywild(plane of light) Material Plane Shadowfell (plane of darkness)

7.2. Outer Planes

7.2.1. Positive Plane Elysium (Gia) Mount Celestia

7.2.2. In-between Planes Limbo (Chaos) Nirvania (Balance)

7.2.3. Negative Plans Pandemonium Hades (Void) The Nine Hells

8. Plot points

8.1. Secret arcane cult

8.2. Elemental mask mini bosses

8.3. get masks to the elemental temple or the holy order

8.4. Wake up in a maze

9. Mechanic

9.1. usage die

9.1.1. Instead of buying a specific amount of consumable items, you but a something like d8 arrows. After using some, you roll the the die indicated. If it is a 1 or 2, the die is reduced by one on the chain (d8 becomes d6). If you get a 1 or 2 on a d4 you ran out of the item.

10. Riddles and puzzles

10.1. 15 rids with answers

10.2. I'm seen by all, though few may touch. I'm new and old, and wander much. I'm silver not, though silver seem. I'm known for making lover's dream. The moon