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Retrospective by Mind Map: Retrospective

1. What went well ?

1.1. As youtuber at IDproperties two channels more then 240 subscribers, 7.4 k viewers, 93 videos Uploaded. Positive reviews, learned more about YouTube.

1.2. Enter in Ezovion. Hospital Management software designed, then email campaign created to marketing the company, good reviews.

1.3. My works goes out of India. Created a inviting card to Singapore Tamil catholic people’s, for Advent reflection prayer meet. First time I show who I’m to priest.

1.4. Catholic Stickers. Created for Viber user as public sharing wishes,messages etc... learned about photo editing like a professional.

1.5. AskMarine created a website it’s a new experience whole site created by me. Learned more about website controlling.

2. What to Improve ?

2.1. I tried more project it gives fail to me, without known that I tried. To improve I want to learn. Leaning is important before practice.

2.2. Improve my learning speed. That helps me practice soon.

2.3. Working speed need to improve.

2.4. Want to improve my network for profession. That’s helps me to grow among the people’s.

2.5. Time is precious. But if I think what I done in my boring time, I wasted it. So I like use good time to learning, searching something what I need.

3. What we should do ?

3.1. Learning is important to me I should learn what I’m interested to do.

3.2. I should use my time in good way. Like start from wake up to end my day.

3.3. Share with people’s what we done, Who we are.

3.4. I should come front to do what we know. Don’t step back to do our known thing.

4. Next step ?

4.1. More learning’s, studies, improving skills

4.1.1. Complete a degree Work more projects from IT related.