ADDIE Mindmap

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ADDIE Mindmap by Mind Map: ADDIE Mindmap

1. 2. Develop assessments based on learning outcomes and needs assessment

2. 1. Develop learning outcomes that support the goal of the course

3. Evaluate

3.1. Feedback is collected from learners and staff to improve the course for the future. This step is not numbered because evaluation should occur within each phase of the ADDIE model.

3.2. Upon course completion: assess whether the learning outcomes were met and identify any gaps in KSAs

3.3. Within each phase of the ADDIE model: assess whether the steps taken within each phase meet the goals and needs articulated and evaluate the gaps between what has been accomplished and the goals for the particular phase.

4. 4. Implement

4.1. Train course support staff and deliver course to learners

4.2. 1. Communicate course learning outcomes, scope and pace, and expectations to staff and learners

5. 3. Develop

5.1. Create and/or lay out course content and format based on delivery method.

5.2. 1. Develop activities and resources based on learning outcomes and learner needs

5.3. 2. Create course content and assessments (where needed) and deliver based on methods applicable to course platform and learner needs

6. 2. Design

6.1. Determine how the course will be delivered. This includes developing learning outcomes, assessments, and delivery method.

6.2. 3. Organize course components based on needs assessment and overall course goals

7. 1. Analyze

7.1. Identify the needs of the course including assessment, audience, etc.

7.2. 1. Define goals

7.3. 2. Perform needs assessment

7.4. 3. Identify and validate content