Subject e/g Respiratory System: Asthma

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Subject e/g Respiratory System: Asthma by Mind Map: Subject e/g Respiratory System: Asthma

1. List Management of an asthma attack using JRCALC, including drugs administered (inc oxygen). Don’t forget consent, reassurance, documentation

2. Bullet point or explain the pathophysiology - Explain what is occurring in the body - Go into as much depth as you can. - Use clinical terminology so you understand it and get used to it - Try and link this back to the signs and symptoms, so: tachypnoea relates to hypoxia & low gas exchange

3. Why do you see these signs & symptoms? What is causing them? Explain them!

4. List symptoms of asthma attack Whats a sign vs a symptoms?

5. List signs of an asthma attack

6. Pharmacology Explain how the drugs used in an asthma attack actually work. What is the mechanism of action? Use a pharmacology textbook through the BB online reading list to help Dosage? Route of administration