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Jex Plant Uk Ltd by Mind Map: Jex Plant Uk Ltd

1. The Lake, Pond, River & Canal Desilting Experts Whether you are actually seeking for environmentally friendly strategies of desilting a lake, river, lagoon or garden pond. Or desire to relocate material from one location to another, without having to hire diggers and dumpers; or have a big impact regarding the surrounding. Jex Plant Pumping Systems has the answer. Working on 100% air, and with no moving parts. Our new pumps are actually qualified of moving liquids or loose materials upto 400 meters from their current location to the new holding area. This supplies a huge amount of adaptability, and needs very little water. Applying our pumping system, we can move upto 30 cubic meters of product an hour. Through a single pipe laid across the land, making the environmental impact of such operations virtually zero. With these pumping systems needing only a two man operation, yourcosts will be much reduced as well. Our team are able to transfer slurry, silt, powders, gravel, oils, topsoil and much more. All of this without having the need for huge amounts of water to assist convey the materials via the pipes. With our special and extremely adaptable silt pumping, and de-watering systems; Jex Plant Pumping Systems offers the solutions to your material movement issues. Address: 241 Wootton Road King's Lynn Norfolk PE30 3AN United Kingdom Phone: 01553 611834 Email: [email protected] Website: