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Creative Event by Mind Map: Creative Event

1. Have at least 1 year experience in conceptualizing event concepts.

2. weaknesses

2.1. Using Excel programs is not very good.

2.2. Little work experience

3. strength

3.1. Able to work under pressure.

3.2. Excellent problem solving.

4. Qualifications

4.1. Have good program capability

4.1.1. Microsoft Office

4.1.2. Excel

4.1.3. Power Point

4.2. Have skill in doing Power Point key note beautifully.

5. Responsibilities

5.1. Thinking about job concepts and presenting projects for sale.

5.2. Plan various forms of work.

5.3. Control the concept of work to meet the customer needs.

5.4. Liaise with customers and communicate with the team within the company.

6. Requirements

6.1. Bachelor's degree in Advertising, Advertising, Marketing or related fields.

6.2. Highly creative, unique and distinctive.

6.3. Excellent communication and communication skills.

6.4. Have knowledge in advertising and design.