Results Based Marketing

Results Based Marketing Plan Traffic and Sales

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Results Based Marketing by Mind Map: Results Based Marketing

1. Digital Marketing

1.1. Website Build

1.2. Website Overhaul

1.2.1. Website SEO Optimization

1.3. Google My Business Optimization

1.3.1. Bing Places For Business Citations *15 $150

2. Video Marketing

2.1. White Board Video

2.1.1. White Board Video with Voice Over

2.1.2. Live Action Video Halu Live Action Video With Voice Over Spokesperson Video

3. Reputation Management

3.1. Review Catcher

3.1.1. Reputation Marketing Videos

4. Paid Advertising

4.1. Google Ads $150 Cr

4.1.1. Bing Ads $100 Cr

4.1.2. YouTube Ads $100 Cr LinkedIn Ads $50 Cr Yelp $50 Cr

5. Free Traffic Generation

5.1. Website SEO

5.1.1. Google My Business

5.2. FaceBook Page RBM

5.2.1. FaceBook Groups (Ours Plus Others) LinkedIn Page RBM LinkedIn Groups (Ours Plus Others)