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the witches by Mind Map: the witches

1. the supernatural

1.1. the witches are the source of evil throughout the play.

1.2. use pathetic fallacy

1.3. use of animal body parts for their spells

2. guilt and loyalty

2.1. their loyalty lies with hecate and other supernatural creatures

2.2. "all hail Macbeth" 1:3 (praising the new coming evil)

2.3. the witches don't seen to have any guilt for what they do

3. appearance vs reality

3.1. "secret black midnight hags" 1:3

3.2. what you see is what you get with them. to others they are knows as evil and when they are by themselves they are the same

4. femininity/masculinity

4.1. the witches are androgynous "your beard refuse me to interpret" 1:3

5. ambition

5.1. their ambition is be evil and to show Macbeth the dark side that he belongs to