The Davidic Company 2020 ...building Mighty Men

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The Davidic Company 2020 ...building Mighty Men by Mind Map: The Davidic Company 2020 ...building Mighty Men

1. Time outs, Hangout , relationship discussions.

2. Structure

2.1. Define Support Systems eg Wedding, Burials etc. What are the modalities

2.2. Meeting Planning

2.3. Finance

2.4. Event Coordinators

3. Meeting Organisation

3.1. Every man a Preacher In each meeting, we take turns in ministering to the people.

3.2. Meeting will be themed.

3.2.1. Spirit-man Development Bible Study Devotional Study Christian Book Readings Bible based discussions

3.2.2. Personal Development etc. Skill Acquisitions, Money management and Career Development Seminars and Workshops etc.

3.2.3. Relationship Building

4. Year Activities

4.1. Drama Series

4.1.1. Life of a Christian A drama series that follows a new convert and shows various challenges faced and scriptural ways of surmounting them When do we rehearse?? Who can act and will remain consistent?? Who can write Drama very well?? Who will direct??

4.1.2. A talk on Ambition. When is it good, when is it bad

4.2. YALI Classes

4.3. Career Talks

4.3.1. Bro Mark has a contact