Theoretical Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspectives

1. Cognitive Developmentalist

1.1. Nature

1.2. Piaget

1.2.1. In order for language to occur the "capacity for mental representation must be present"

1.3. Semantic & Morphemic

1.3.1. Cash

1.3.2. Cards

1.4. Language develops as an individual matures and cognitive skills develop

2. Interactionist

2.1. Nurture

2.1.1. T-shirt

2.1.2. Hoodie

2.1.3. Light Jacket

2.2. Vygotsky, Bruner, and Halliday

2.3. Pragmatic

2.4. Focuses on sociocultural interaction

2.4.1. Children acquire language through interacting and communicating with the world around them

3. Nativist

3.1. Inborn or innate capabilities

3.1.1. "Nature"

3.2. Noam Chomsky

3.2.1. All people have the capability to acquire languange

3.2.2. The ability to learn language is a natural human capability

3.3. Syntactic

3.4. Nature

4. Behaviorist

4.1. Nurture

4.2. Skinner

4.2.1. Extra Batteries

4.3. Syntactic, Semantic, and Morphemic

4.3.1. Extra Batteries

4.3.2. Memory Extra Memory

4.4. Learning occurs as a result of stimuli, responses, and reinforcements in the environment