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1. Evaluate

1.1. Fifth stage - Evaluating course delivery and collecting feedback. Evaluation also takes place at each individual stage.

1.2. Collect feedback

1.3. Identify and fix gaps in the course based on feedback

1.4. Feed the final data collected and fixed into the next course delivery

2. Analysis

2.1. First stage - The what, who, when and how of the course is analyzed.

2.2. Who is the audience?

2.3. What is the new desired behavior outcome?

2.4. Research course material

2.5. How will the course be delivered?

2.6. Get approval from SME's or other stakeholders involved

3. Design

3.1. Second stage - Identifying learning objectives and designing course material to achieve them

3.2. Write learning objectives

3.3. Create course outline

3.4. Storyboard the design

4. Develop

4.1. Third stage - Creating the actual course material that the learner will be exposed to

4.2. Flesh out the course outline through a script

4.3. Select or develop photographs, videos or graphics

4.4. Develop engagement boosting activities or games in line with the course

4.5. Include other learning resources if required

4.6. Develop assessment

4.7. Proofread and evaluate

5. Implement

5.1. Forth stage - Course delivery takes place at this stage

5.2. Conduct and monitor delivery and assessment

5.3. Ensure the trainers are well-versed with the course material