LKE 2 - Abitur

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LKE 2 - Abitur by Mind Map: LKE 2 - Abitur

1. Texts

1.1. fancy language

1.1.1. most notabley

1.1.2. indispensable

1.1.3. significant

1.1.4. previously

1.1.5. sufficiently

1.1.6. a variety of

1.2. structuring a text

1.2.1. language help contributes to with regards to referring to to compare sth. TO/WITH sth. else I am going to/ will comment on / discuss... this issue will be commented on, discussed in the following (/text/) the present XXX (time) the given YYY (space) the YYY provided by ZZZ

1.2.2. Introduction AFB I no quotes! Nowadays, the internet plays a significant role in our lives. With regards to this issue, Martha Irvine published an article in May 2004 called "Internet generation riding technological wave into the future". The following outline focuses on the impact the internet has on the way young people communicate. AFB II Nowadays, the internet and especially social media are indispensable for us. People of all ages, most notably the younger generations' lives revolve around it. As everybody knows, the internet is a relatively new addition to society. But how was the influence of social media fifteen years ago? To answer that, one has to compare the table provided by the Pew Internet and American Life Projectand the Universal McCann's Media in Mind study to the online article by Martha Irvine, "Internet generation riding technological wave into the future". AFB III "If I don't have it, I feel cut off" claims the 22-year-old man, referring to the internet and his dependence on it. After reading the excerpt from the online article "Internet generation riding technological wave into the future" by Martha Irvine and published in 2004, I am going to comment on this issue with regards to personal experiences. The internet plays a huge role in the life of many people. It opens a lot of doors for a variety of people to communicate and exchange information, even if they would never meet in real life. However, there are still people left to criticize the benefits of the internet. The text previously analyzed points out the fact, that there are teens being plugged in all the time, cutting themselves off from the real world. But hich side of this issue has a stronger impact and should be considered when looking at our future generations? This issue will be discussed in the following. All in all, one can conclude that nowadys, the youth feels cut off, since they are used to always being online. In contrast, the older generation grew up without the internet, never knowing of its benefits. Ultimately, both sides of the dispute have their justification / are justified. To sum it up, the Internet does play a huge role in bringing people together from all over the world. it makes it possible for people to interact with each other more easily, quickly, and efficiently. You get to meet people with similar interests or hobbies, making socialising less awkward than it would be in real life. You cannot simply walk up to someone with the intention of getting to know them through a quick chat. But that is possible with the help of the Internet. Therefore, the Internet enables a whole new world that you are able to explore unproblematically and without restrictions.

1.2.3. main body linking words phrases

1.2.4. conclusion AFB III To come back to our main question, whether the internet will develop a positive influence on our globalizing world, it can be said, that the benefits outweigh the negatives. The arguments, based on statistics, have shown that the internet connects all groups all around the world. Obviously there are people suffering from a lack of social interaction but the reason for that is not the increasing influence, but rather their own personality. In conclusion, it can be said that the Internet plays a huge role in my peers' lives, and mine. In my opinion, life offers much more than just the Internet. We all know that it is something like a sanctuary, but it should not be more. One does not need the Internet top stay updated, because enough other options exist to stay informed, so one is never really cut off. All in all, the Internet is an addition to and not the essence of our lives. To sum this up, one can say that the Internet does bring people together in a way that was never possible before. It has opened up new ways of communication that allow us to experience cultures on a new level. But even though it has a lot of advantages, disadvantages like anonymity or social isolation can have a huge impact on our day-to-day interactions. conjunctions ultimately all in all in conclusion to sum it up in summary to summarize

1.3. textformats

1.3.1. comment

1.3.2. discussion

1.3.3. letter to the editor "I am writing in response to the article" "I want to comment on the article "XXX"" "In my opinion / To me, / For me personally" "You gave a comprehensive impression of" "Having said that ..." "I appreciate you having red-flagged / your red-flagging the conflict" "Keeping in mind the circumstances, it is completely understandable that "As mentioned in the article"

2. Topics

2.1. Q1 - Aims and Ambitions

2.1.1. Texts/Literature/Media

2.1.2. main ideas / themes

2.1.3. relevant information / central concepts

2.1.4. Fulani, Elis, Lotte, Moritz

2.2. Q2 - Ethnic and Cultural Identity

2.2.1. Texts/Literature/Media

2.2.2. main ideas / themes construction of identity

2.2.3. relevant information / central concepts

2.2.4. Khadidja, (Abdallah) / Zofia

2.3. Q3 - Science and Technology - Visions of the Future

2.3.1. Texts/Literature/Media

2.3.2. main ideas / themes

2.3.3. relevant information / central concepts

2.3.4. Fynn, Nico, Uri, Dennis

2.4. Q4 -The Impact of the media on society

2.4.1. Texts/Literature/Media

2.4.2. main ideas / themes

2.4.3. relevant information / central concepts

2.4.4. Sara, Midori,Richard, Tom

3. Grammar

3.1. tenses

3.2. conditional

3.3. punctuation

3.4. adverbs

3.5. prepositions