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John Adams by Mind Map: John Adams

1. Diplomat

2. Lawyer

3. Declaration of independence

4. John Adams was the lawyer of the Red Coats after the Boston Massacre in 1770

5. Revised and edited the declaration of independence for any mistakes, making him one of the authors of this document

6. Authors of The Declaration Of Independence, also known as the committee of five

7. John Adams negotiated the Treaty of Paris, when he was at Europe.

8. The Treaty of Paris officially ended the American Revolutionary War, and peace was made between the United States and Britain

9. 2 Red Coats (British Troops) that were involved in the Boston Massacre were found guilty of manslaughter.

10. This tragedy ended with 5 dead men, including Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, Samuel Grey, Samuel Maverick and James Caldwell.

11. 2nd President of the United States!!!

12. 1st Vice President of the United States!!!

13. A Leader of the American Revolution