Mrs. Nelson's Social Studies Class Spring 2019-2020

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Mrs. Nelson's Social Studies Class Spring 2019-2020 by Mind Map: Mrs. Nelson's Social Studies Class Spring 2019-2020

1. Supplies for Learning

1.1. A charged Chromebook EVERYDAY

1.2. A folder or three-ring binder to stay organized (optional)

1.3. A notebook with perforated edges for class notes (can also take notes on Chromebook, the choice is yours!)

1.4. Pens or pencils

1.5. A positive attitude

1.6. ji0ftyund\

2. Evaluation of Learning

2.1. Daily Assignments

2.1.1. These assignments will be given in class or assigned as homework and MUST be completed and handed in when due. Most work will be worth 5-15 points, and in order to earn those points, all work should be turned in or available to be checked when due. All assignments are posted daily on the backboard and are also posted on Google Classroom. There is no credit given for late work because we are learning about the importance of meeting expectations and deadlines.

2.2. Study Guides

2.2.1. At the start of each unit, students will receive a study guide with questions and vocabulary that pertain to the material for that unit. Students are expected to continuously work on answering the questions throughout the unit. The answers to these questions will be reviewed in class. DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to answer the questions! The study guide will not be beneficial to you if it is rushed. It is meant to be a tool to ensure comprehension and help you understand the material that you may need to further review. Vocabulary will also be required and must be handwritten, either on paper or flashcards. Study guide questions may be typed or handwritten.

2.3. Tests/Exams

2.4. Quizzes

2.5. Writing Assignments/Document Analysis

2.6. Projects

2.7. Class Participation