Amy's IEA Diploma: A database for ICM

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Amy's IEA Diploma: A database for ICM by Mind Map: Amy's IEA Diploma: A database for ICM

1. Facilities

1.1. Microsoft Access to create the database

2. Planning and Research

2.1. Research different categories

2.2. Research online tutorials for extra help

2.3. New node

2.4. Design on paper

3. Information Collection

3.1. Receive email containing donor information

3.2. Group Information into different categories

3.3. Input information into database

4. End-User information

4.1. Collect business card

4.2. Communicate

4.2.1. Skype

4.2.2. Phone calls

4.2.3. E-mail

5. Specification

5.1. A database containing donor information

6. Analysis

6.1. What is the problem?

6.1.1. hard to find information regarding donors

6.1.2. no one in the company knows how to construct a database

6.2. What other ways to solve problem (not ICT)?

6.2.1. Complicated filing system not practical as can only sort in a single way

6.3. What program is best?

6.3.1. Microsoft Access requested by end-user

7. Design

7.1. Rough design on paper

7.2. Final design on paper

7.3. Test on computer

8. Implementaion

8.1. send to ICM

9. Testing

9.1. Check if it works on different operating systems

9.2. Survey if it is good

10. Evaluation

10.1. survey responses

10.2. what i could do better

10.3. what went well