Acute Asthma

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Acute Asthma by Mind Map: Acute Asthma

1. Treatment

1.1. Avoid Antigens

1.2. Rescue Inhalers

1.3. Inhaled Corticosteroids

1.4. Magnesium Sulfate

1.5. Heliox for treatments

2. Patho

2.1. Most likely a genetic basis. Cause currently unsure

2.2. Bodies reaction to antigen well documented.

2.3. Hypersensitive- Activates innate and adaptive immune response.

2.4. Releases whole team of immune players. Cytokines, Interleukins, histamine etc. Eosinophils damage lunge tissue. Increases mucus production. Bronchospasm and constriction of airways.

3. Signs and Symptoms

3.1. Dyspnea

3.2. Wheezing

3.3. Unproductive Coughing

3.4. Chest Tightness

3.5. Tachypnea and Tachycardia

4. Risk Factors

4.1. Age, usually early onset.

4.2. Environment

4.3. Urban Lilving

4.4. Too much or loo little allergen exposure. Too clean may be as bad as too dirty.

4.5. Chemical and smoke exposure

5. Diagnosis

5.1. Family History of

5.2. Previous exacerbation

5.3. ABG and PFT DURING an outbreak

5.4. Physical Exam

5.5. Rule out of other problems.

5.5.1. Upper Airway Obstruction

5.5.2. Cystic Fibrosis

5.5.3. Choking

5.5.4. Anaphalaxysis