Edward's Personal Project

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Edward's Personal Project by Mind Map: Edward's Personal Project

1. Computers

1.1. Cybersecurity

1.1.1. What is a good password?

1.1.2. How do you make a website secure?

1.2. What is A.I?

1.2.1. Deep Learning

1.2.2. Machine Learning

2. Media

2.1. Music

2.1.1. Instruments

2.1.2. Audio Editing

2.2. How does media affect the public opinion?

2.3. What parts are there to film making?

3. Education

3.1. How does technology impact education?

3.2. Memory

3.2.1. How can you remember things better?

3.3. How is education different around the world?

4. Gaming

4.1. How have video games changed over time?

4.2. What is expected of video games?

4.3. How do games affect your mental health?