7 Habits of Effective Disciplemaking

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7 Habits of Effective Disciplemaking by Mind Map: 7 Habits of Effective Disciplemaking

1. the tough questions

1.1. time

1.2. where

1.3. who

2. PRIORITIZE JESUS OVER EVERYTHING Effective disciplemakers put Jesus first, not just in their lives but also in their disciplemaking.

3. USE JESUS' STRATEGY FOR DISCIPLEMAKING Effective disciplemakers understand Jesus' strategy and therefore know where to start.

3.1. Look for people of peace

3.1.1. Luke 9 - Jesus sends the 12

3.1.2. Acts - Paul & Lydia / Peter & Cornelius / Phillip & Ethiopian Eunic

3.1.3. Open to receive about Jesus

3.1.4. One who wants to contribute or give

3.1.5. Sometimes (Lydia) a gatekeeper to a community

3.2. We are in community with them

4. DISCIPLE IN CULTURALLY RELEVANT WAYS Effective disciplemakers understand how to contextualize the gospel and disciplemaking.

5. PRACTICE THE ART OF HOSPITALITY Effective disciplemakers practice the art of gospel hospitality.

5.1. Jesus was with them

5.2. Open your homes

5.3. Be exposed

6. MAKE DISCIPLEMAKING A LIFESTYLE Effective disciplemakers don't just leverage meetings, they leverage rhythms.

7. USE SIMPLE PATTERNS & PRACTICES Effective disciplemakers use simple disciplemaking patterns, practices and tools.

8. RELY ON THE HOLY SPIRIT Effective disciplemakers are empowered by the Holy Spirit through dependence and listening.

8.1. Luke 3, 4, 5

8.2. Acts - "wait for my power'