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student text by Mind Map: student text

1. lesson 7 vegetables

1.1. grammar

1.1.1. los articles a and and the i like to play futbol with a ballon the vegetables

1.1.2. much and many i want much sugar

1.2. vocabulary

1.2.1. verbs make

1.2.2. other half

1.2.3. nouns bean i like beans carrot i like carriot

2. lesson 8 study

2.1. grammar

2.1.1. how mucn and how many i don't wamt much sugar

2.1.2. vocabulary verb dial other between noun cheese

3. lesson 9 how 's the weather

3.1. grammar

3.1.1. how is your class?

3.1.2. vocabulary cry rain it seems it could rain any minute now nice your nice white frock

4. lesson 10 i think it'll rain

4.1. grammar

4.1.1. think+(that) noun clause in statements it think of slovenia think of estonia

4.1.2. vocabulary verb thimk about thought

5. lesson 11how did you get here?

5.1. grammar

5.1.1. object pronouns i get in about last year

5.1.2. vocabulary cut get sure

6. lesson 12 i didn't see anything

6.1. grammar: anything,nothing,and something

6.1.1. anything else would be counterproductive

6.1.2. vocabulary anything else expressiones

7. lesson 13 where is the post office

7.1. grammar

7.1.1. the indirect object alex mailed a package to his bhother

7.1.2. vocabulary verbs finish give other crowded , near nouns addres bank

8. lesson 14 why are you late?

8.1. grammar

8.1.1. the conjunctions and and but we visited china and japon, but we didn't go to greece.

8.2. vocabulary

8.2.1. verbs load take a load off

8.2.2. expressioines at first they were very cold, indeed at first.

8.2.3. nouns film we'll start filming with the actors at 6 am.

8.2.4. other final this final report really is a final report.