The Fertile Crescent

Fertile Crescent Empires

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The Fertile Crescent by Mind Map: The Fertile Crescent

1. Hebrews

1.1. Saul First Hebrew king. Leads army against phylisteans

1.2. David becomes king after Saul, makes Jerusalem Capital

1.3. Solomon Davids son becomes king. Builds temple of Solomon

1.4. After death of Solomon Isreal splits into North and South

2. Assyrians

2.1. Conquers 10 Tribes of Isreal

2.2. Spreads Hebrews across Empire in order to assimilate them (Lose Identity)

2.3. Brutal Cruel empire, Rules with fear

3. Chaldeans

3.1. Destroyed Jeruselum

3.2. Makes Hebrews 2nd Class citizens in empire

4. Persians

4.1. Built Large Successful Empire

4.2. Ruled by Darius the Great during Golden Age

4.3. Use Sophisticated methods to delegate power to governors of Provinces

4.4. Empire Controls Babylon and Silk Road. Makes Travel and Trade easy