Vision: Transition to motherhood and not lose my dang mind or go broke.

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Vision: Transition to motherhood and not lose my dang mind or go broke. by Mind Map: Vision: Transition to motherhood and not lose my dang mind or go broke.

1. B-HAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals)

1.1. Gain 10 new clients for

1.1.1. Marketing/Visibility YouTube Channel Weekly Videos 2x per month blogging January February March April May June July August September October November December

1.1.2. Speaking 2020 LMA Annual Conference LMA NOLA/BR Local Programming 2021 LMA Annual Conference

1.2. B-HAG: Get published on Blog

2. Goals

2.1. Maternity Leave Success

2.1.1. Complete Maternity Leave Handover

2.1.2. Finalize benefits with P&T

2.1.3. Finish daycare paperwork

2.1.4. Return to work: April 15th

2.2. Lose 25lbs post-delivery

2.2.1. Weekly Walking Plan

2.2.2. Meal Planning on Weekly Basis

2.2.3. Avoid Eating Out

2.3. Maintain healthy relationships

2.3.1. Monthly Date Nights

2.3.2. Monthly Couples Counseling

2.3.3. Bedtime Story Routine

2.4. Maintain Financial Health

2.4.1. Up retirement contributions to 12%

2.4.2. Review death benefits and insurance plans to add Rory as beneficiary

2.4.3. Emergency Fund Goal: 6 months salary Continue contributing $800 per month to meet this goal.

2.4.4. Start College Fund for Rory Save $250 per month for college fund

2.5. Maintain Emotional Well-Being

2.5.1. Daily Gratitude Journaling Get rid of nighttime screentime Crocheting

2.5.2. Weekly Outsource Laundry - Add to budget

2.5.3. Monthly Houskeeper

2.6. Maintain Brag Book

2.6.1. ID Monthly Accomplishments Updates to LinkedIn

2.6.2. Recap Value Statements Updates to Resume

2.7. Culture of Management

2.7.1. Conference: Kingdom @ Work Registrations Delegate to AO Hotel/Lodging Delegate to AO Dates: Feb. 4-6, 2020 in Lubbock, Texas

2.7.2. Continued Managing Attorneys Meeting Book: Never Split the Difference Profitability: Review each Meeting

2.7.3. Fifth Friday Training Goal Development by Dept.

2.7.4. Structural Hierarchy Discussion

2.8. SAT Office Growth

2.8.1. Marketing/BD Re-evaluate current efforts PPC Campaigns Radio Spots Speaking

2.8.2. Profitability Analysis Meeting with JP & JC

2.8.3. 1x1 Coaching Regular Coaching with JC