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Celebrities by Mind Map: Celebrities

1. Ecuador

1.1. Fifteenth Birthday

1.1.1. Celebrate fifteen year old

1.1.2. Invite your friends and family

1.2. Kapak Raymi

1.2.1. Exposition of medicinal plants

1.2.2. ritual about of Pacha Mama

1.2.3. purifying

1.3. Old year

1.3.1. create a puppet with old clothe

1.3.2. write a post with sentences about crazy think of the year

1.4. Mama Negra Festival

1.4.1. dance party is celebrated in Latacunga

1.5. Christmas

1.5.1. have a beautiful dinner

1.5.2. sometimes exchange presents

2. France

2.1. Monday´s Pascua

2.1.1. they celebrate resurrection of christ

2.1.2. bring egs and chocoltes

2.2. celebration of the end of World War II

2.2.1. is celebrated 8th may

2.2.2. light the flame of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier again in Paris

2.3. Assumption

2.3.1. is celebrated 15th agost

2.3.2. they celebrate that the body and soul of Maria were taken to heaven

2.4. Armistice of November 11, 1918

2.4.1. troop parade

2.4.2. tribute to the deceased

2.5. Candelari's party

2.5.1. do pancakes with names

2.5.2. they make a parade with some colors

3. Japan

3.1. Hina Matsuri

3.1.1. is celebrated on third March

3.1.2. elaboration of an altar where hina ningyo, dolls with traditional dress are exhibited

3.2. Hanami

3.2.1. consists of going out for a picnic and watching the cherry blossom

3.2.2. It occurs at the end of March and beginning of April

3.3. Tanabata

3.3.1. commemorates the history of the romance between Orihime and Hikoboshi, represented by two stars that join this day

3.3.2. People celebrate this day by hanging strips of paper with written wishes on bamboo stems.

3.4. Shougatsu

3.4.1. people exhibit outside the kadomatsu houses

3.4.2. Traditionally this was done to welcome the kami

3.5. Tsukimi

3.5.1. the full moon that occurs in the ninth month

3.5.2. On this day boiled dumplings are prepared as an offering.