VR as popular as Video Games

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VR as popular as Video Games by Mind Map: VR as popular as Video Games

1. Video Games

1.1. Consoles

1.2. Desktop PC/Mac

2. Is VR more immersive?

2.1. Features

2.1.1. Camera Movement

2.1.2. 360° view

2.1.3. Sound

2.2. Traditional VGs are successfully immersive

2.3. Uncanny Valley

2.3.1. More senses needed Touch Impact Gravity Movement

2.3.2. More Gears To make more immersive Time to wear/unwear Room to keep gears

3. Casual Games

3.1. Short Games

3.2. Long games are tiresome

3.3. Headaches

4. Need more room

4.1. Played while stand up

4.2. Usually needs body movements

5. Price

5.1. Expensive

5.2. Requires a good PC