World Wide Web

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World Wide Web by Mind Map: World Wide Web

1. Internet Addresses

1.1. IP address: a number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the internet

1.2. domain name: text version of an IP address

1.3. DNS server: translates the domain to its associated IP address so that the data can be routed tot he correct computer

2. Web

2.1. Web page: electronic documents on the web

2.2. web site: a collection of related web pages and associated items

2.3. Web server: computer that delivers requested web pages to your computer

3. Access Providers- a business that provides indivisuals and companies access to the Internet for a fee

3.1. ISP: regional or national access provider

3.2. regional ISP: provides internet to a geographic region while a national ISP provides Internet to cities and towns nationwide

3.3. OSP: provides Internet access but has memeber only features

3.4. WISP: company that provides wireless Internet to desktops and notebook computers and mobile devices

4. Connecting to Internet

4.1. DSL- provides high speed Internet access to home and business users

4.2. Cable modem- access to high speed Internet through cable television

4.3. Fiber to the premises- fiber optic cable that to provide high speed internet to home/business users

4.4. wireless modem- provides access to cellular networks

4.5. Wi-Fi: uses radio signals to provide Internet connections to wirless computers and devices.

5. New node

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