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Restart by Mind Map: Restart

1. Character

1.1. Joel

1.2. Docter

1.3. Shoshanna

1.4. Chase

1.5. Mom

1.6. Brendan

1.7. Dad

1.8. Kimberly

1.9. Aaron

1.10. Bear

1.11. The teacher

2. Setting

2.1. Home

2.2. School

2.3. Hospital

2.4. Play ground

3. Conflict

3.1. Chase falls of his roof and loses his memory also has to go back to school

3.2. Chase gets bullied because he is new to a school almost every month

4. Plot

4.1. The story begins with eighth-grader Chase Ambrose waking up in the hospital with amnesia. His mother, whom he doesn't recognize, informs him that he fell off the roof of their house. Chase not only doesn't remember that—he remembers nothing of his 13 years