Blogging - What do we need to keep in mind when blogging?

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Blogging - What do we need to keep in mind when blogging? by Mind Map: Blogging - What do we need to keep in mind when blogging?

1. Not just your information, but your friends information too!

2. don't pretend you are your friend and give out his/her information.

3. BE careful when online

4. don't put bad stuff online just to be cool

5. tell an adult right away when you see something unkind

5.1. New node

5.1.1. New node

6. don't tell a stranger online your adress so you can have sexual cantact with them

7. Always sign out

8. You could seriously hurt others

9. no personal information

9.1. don't add your address.

9.2. New node

10. No rude comments.

10.1. to others

10.2. no information that could hurt someone else

10.3. To hurt someones feelings

10.4. To parents

10.4.1. it could get you in truoble when you grow up

11. Put something on you might not be able to get it off.

12. Once you post something, you can't take it back.

12.1. Don't write things you might regret later!

12.2. be wise and remember that it is permanatly on the web and you cant take it back and that could affect your career and future

13. No nude photos

13.1. no inapropriate pics, videos, or comments no matter what they are of

13.2. No bad pictures, one time a girl got fired from her job because of stuff she put on the internet when she was younger!

14. Don't talk to strangers

15. No personal feelings

15.1. Who your mad at.

15.2. Who is your BFF

15.3. don't pretend to be someone else and give out their information.

15.4. Think about how the person you are talking about might feel about what you've written about them.

15.5. The internet is not your own personal diary

15.6. who you like

16. no cyber bullying!

16.1. Get you in trouble

16.2. People have gotten seriously hurt from being cyber-bullied. DON'T do it!!

17. don't ask somebody to give their information

17.1. New node

17.2. and don't give your information

18. Don't talk to strangers

19. no hurtful words

19.1. You can hurt someone else.

19.2. People might make an impression on you from saying one thing!

20. Dont attach bad links

20.1. get depressed

20.1.1. have suicidal thoughts die

20.1.2. think you are stupid

20.2. try to talk to them

20.3. livid, angry

20.4. annoyed

21. no inappropriate pictures

21.1. or comments

21.2. or videos

21.3. Or posts!!!

22. No fake accounts! It can hurt others and you can get in a lot of trouble!

22.1. If you are making a name you thought of off the top of your head... You never know, it could actually be someone you don't know (and you could hurt them).

23. No bad stuff about your parents, teachers, or adults.

23.1. you could hurt their feelings.

23.2. If your mad and say they screamed at you and are terrible, they can end up in jail for child abuse.

24. Be careful of what you are doing/writing, you can never know who will see it. And you can never take it back

25. don't suggest illegal things!

26. don't use it as a diary!!!

26.1. People will then hear all of your secrets!

27. No talking about someone you are mad at.

27.1. You will majorly hurt someone!!!

27.2. don't tell your friends personal stuff out

27.3. It will make them feel even more horrible.

28. Don't tell people where you are going, time, and who is going.

28.1. they could try to catch you, or they could hurt you.

29. No putting something online because think about this you will regret it later.

30. don't give other people's information!

31. Be careful who your friends are on facebook or other websites!

31.1. Don't become friends with someone you don't know

31.2. You never know who is out there

32. People can see what you wrote and people can write back nasty comments about you

33. Anybody can see what you put up.

34. Don't pretend you're someone else

34.1. you'll get arrested

34.2. You will get in a ton of trouble.

35. Be careful what you say, you can embarress yourselves and others.

36. no gossip

36.1. it could also e hurtful!

37. don't ask people for their information

38. don't give where you can be found,because there are stalkers!