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Addie by Mind Map: Addie

1. Analysis

1.1. Instructional problem clarified

1.2. Goals & objectives established

1.3. Existing knowledge & skills identified

1.4. What is the point of the training and how will the training help? Why are we doing it? What type of behavioral change is desired? How will the training actually help?

1.5. Determine training needs and a training plan

2. Evaluate

2.1. - Did we meet the goals as set out in the analysis phase? - Take feedback and place back into the analysis phase. - Identify other training requirements. - Possible change in media types or approach. - Create a survey for participants - can be done in LMS

2.2. Come out with an evaluation report and actionable changes for the current or future courses

3. Implement

3.1. Your courses are live in the LMS and learners can start to take and complete courses

3.2. Conduct a pilot of a course before unleashing the content on the entire group?

4. Development

4.1. Determine assets

4.2. Create and assemble content Add a level of detail and polish - color font, layout etc

4.3. Does the flow of the material make sense? Can a learner progress in the way I designed? Is it engaging, how is the length etc?

5. Design

5.1. Systematic & Specific Storyboard your ideas and/or create a prototype.

5.2. Determine

5.2.1. structure

5.2.2. sequence

5.2.3. Duration& Pace

5.2.4. Format

5.2.5. Mode of Delivery