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Confucius by Mind Map: Confucius

1. In particular, the Han dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE) was influenced by the teachings of Confucius. The Han established a large empire and needed an orderly and effective system of government to manage the territory.

2. Confucius was a teacher who lived in eastern China from 551 to 479 BCE, during the Warring States period. He lived in the state of Lu, in what is now Shandong province.

3. It was a period of chaos and political instability as feudal lords were constantly defeated in battle. Confucius believed China was in disorder because the lords were not ruling well. He believed rulers needed to be honest, rule fairly, and set a good example for their subjects.

4. After Confucius’s death, several of his followers, or students, collected his sayings and published them in a book called The Analects. This book preserved the teaching of Confucius for future generations.

5. Although Confucius spoke of the father-son and older brother-younger brother relationships, the same relationships held true for a mother and a daughter or an older sister and a younger sister. However, according to Confucius, women were obedient to men, so a husband held the power in a marriage.

6. This person should act fairly and honestly, showing those below him how to behave with integrity. The person with less power was expected to obey and respect the more powerful individual. So a younger brother would obey and respect his older brother. However, if the older brother did not behave with honesty and integrity, he would not be worthy of respect.