Nice, France

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Nice, France by Mind Map: Nice, France

1. Where to Stay

1.1. Hotwire Options

1.2. Hostel Options

1.3. Airbnb Options

1.3.1. Old Nice, Great Location!

1.3.2. Old Nice - but weird decor - seems like a good location

1.3.3. Old Nice - Nice Place! Good Location!

1.3.4. Along the Promenade Des Anglais

1.3.5. New Town AirBNB - 5/5 Location Score

1.3.6. Another really nice place in New Town

1.3.7. Also in New Town with A/C

1.4. Monaco is definitely OUT of price range, I haven't been able to find hostel options. But, Menton is doable - it's a recommended day trip east of Monte Carlo but easy train/bus ride in and out. But most people just day trip here. Link is to Airbnb close to Monaco

1.5. Cannes is more doable of a stay. Hotwire $75 CAD per Night for 4 Star Hotel along beach. Airbnbs around $100-150 per night. Also Doable as a day trip!

2. Day Trips

3. Recommended Instagram Spots

3.1. Castel Plage (may be super expensive though)

3.2. Cap-d'Ail – town in South of france, best beaches, least busy, beautiful, can take train

3.3. Villefranche-sur-Mer

4. Recommended Eats