Cooking Oils

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Cooking Oils by Mind Map: Cooking Oils

1. try grass fed!

2. Fantastic oil due to the presence of Lauric acid - antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and soothing properties.

3. Med Temp 325°F/163°C

4. Flax Seed oil

5. Anti-inflammatory benefits, cardiovascular benefits, digestive benefits, contains polyphenols which aid in preventing certain cancers.

6. Make your own from organic butter

7. Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

8. Goes rancid quickly so make sure to purchase it refrigerated and keep it fresh in the refrigerator

9. Safflower oil

10. Sesame oil

11. Pistachio oil

12. Olive oil

13. Hazelnut oil

14. Hemp Seed oil

15. Cod Liver oil

16. Borage oil

17. Pumpkin oil

18. Sunflower Oil

19. Lard

20. Ghee

21. Coconut Oil

22. Butter

23. High Temp 375°F/190°C

24. Low Temp 212°F/100°C

25. Best at No Heat 120°F/49°C

26. Always Use Unrefined Organic Oils

27. Avoid Vegetable Oils such as Canola Oil and Soy Oil- they are GMO highly processed and often rancid!

28. Oils go rancid when heated at the wrong temperatures

29. Certain oils such as olive oil go rancid when exposed to light so buy them in dark glass bottles.

29.1. New node

30. Glass containers are always best, otherwise you may be ingesting chemicals such as BPA.