My Structure

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My Structure by Mind Map: My Structure

1. Form

1.1. How high will will i make the structure?

1.2. how wide am i going to make the structure

1.3. How long will the arm be?

1.4. How heavy should i make the counterbalance?

1.5. Where will i make my pulley?

1.6. What materials are the best suited for this?

1.7. how long will the string be?

1.8. How wide should i make my base?

1.9. where should i put my counterweights?

1.10. will i use triangles mainly, or squares?

1.11. How many sandwich beams should i use?

2. Stability

2.1. How high will i make my structure?

2.2. will the base of the structure be wide enough?

2.3. Where will the center of gravity be?

2.4. How will making it symmetrical help with the stability?

2.5. how can i make it as stable as possible?

2.6. where should i put the weight?

2.7. How wide will i make my structure?

2.8. How will more stability help my structure?

2.9. How heavy should i make my base?

2.10. will the two sides be balanced?

3. Forces

3.1. How do i protect against internal forces?

3.1.1. How will the internal forces affect the structure?

3.1.2. What can i do to prevent shear?

3.1.3. What can i do to prevent compression?

3.1.4. What can i do to prevent torision?

3.1.5. What can i do to prevent tension?

3.1.6. What structural components do i use to prevent internal forces?

3.1.7. what materials will i use to prevent the internal forces?

3.2. How will i protect against external forces?

3.2.1. How will the external forces act on the structure?

3.2.2. What structural components will i use to prevent external forces from making it fail?

3.3. Loads

3.3.1. How much is the dead load?

3.3.2. How will the dead load affect the structure?

3.3.3. Can the structure handle it's own weight?

3.3.4. What live loads will be there?

3.3.5. What can i do to make the structure strong enough to withstand the live loads?

3.3.6. Will there be any external loads?