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Online Business Boutique by Mind Map: Online Business Boutique

1. 4.Content

1.1. Base on days of the week

1.2. Yearly Event calendar

1.3. Encorporate into your daily Boutique routine

1.4. Product 5 W's

2. 1.Where to begin?

2.1. Who is your ideal Client?

2.2. Choose your Social Media Channels

2.3. Set up your Social Media Channels

2.3.1. Facebook

2.3.2. Instagram

2.3.3. Google My Business

2.3.4. Linked In

3. 3.Get your business mojo back

3.1. Learn the tech

3.2. Master your mindset

3.3. reach new audiences

3.4. surprise and delight your audience

3.5. Get excited about your business success

4. 5. Create compelling offers

4.1. a great way to track ROI

4.2. draws customers to your Boutique

4.3. Places your Boutique in front of mind

5. 2. Boutique Basics

5.1. Find your footing

5.1.1. learn how to take photos

5.1.2. learn how to do video

5.2. How to go Live

5.2.1. The theory behind going live

5.2.2. How to do it

5.2.3. what to say

6. 6.VBS Virtual Boutique Space

6.1. creating private virtual tours of your store

6.2. clients can book private 1:1 and request to view sections of your Boutique - like dresses for example.

6.3. Helping cultivate customer relationships

6.4. help sell more online

7. 7. Bonus

7.1. Come Boutique Sourcing with me

7.2. I'll be going Live from my shopping tours while overseas - get fresh inspirations and access to items for your Boutique without them even being in the country

7.3. Direct from there to you. No expensive middle costs involved.