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D&D by Mind Map: D&D

1. Campaign

2. Setting

2.1. Histories

2.1.1. The modern kings: the Awemedinades Cacame Awemedinade: The Hero Raph Awemedinade: The General Gallan Awemedinade: The Storekeepeer

2.1.2. The Elven Wars

2.2. Races

2.2.1. Note: Allowed Races All Forgotten Realms Races are allowed. Talk to me if you want to play a non-Forgotten Realms race, such as Warforged or a homebrew race.

2.2.2. Note: Details not outlined Details not outlined here can be safely assumed to be close to the source material in other books.

2.2.3. Elves Aging: Touch of the Fae Elves' connection to the fae also touches their minds, and as they age, their innate magical connection grows stronger, but it also reduces their connection to reality. At around age 90, they start to become more neurotic, seeing things that aren't there or jumping to insane conclusions. No elf holds a position of direct authority after around 110, as after that, they're too paranoid to be leaders and are hallucinating half the things they see. At 130, they're almost entirely in a world of their own devising, those that makes it to that age are usually relegated to a hermitic lifestyle.

2.2.4. Dwarves Aging: Stone's Wisdom After about 60 years, dwarves tend to show signs of aging. They settle down significantly at that point. At 80, they're starting to physically slow down. They're just not as quick as they were before, and their skin is starting to literally crack a little. At 100, they're incredibly hardy, but also so slow that they almost seem as if they're in slow-motion as they shuffle around. The oldest kings are around 140, and even a simple conversation can take hours. Judgments and decisions will take days to adjudicate. Dwarven strongholds are layered with bureaucracy, with younger adjuncts providing the day-to-day workings, as more and more senior officials assist in rulings and adjudication.

2.2.5. Gnomes Aging: Bleaching Gnomes are cursed with a disease they call "Bleaching." when they get older, their hair goes white and their skin gets a pale gray, and they get more and more depressed and just generally slow down until they eventually can't muster the energy to eat. There is no cure, however there is a treatment. New, novel experiences will stave off the effects of Bleaching for a time. However, as they age, new experiences get harder to come by, and they need them more frequently. At 60, they need something minor around once a month, at 80, they need that weekly, at 100, they need major new experiences every month, if a gnome makes it to 120 while not Bleaching away, they're probably quite reckless with their new experiences, almost daredevils as they try to find the next thing. Gnomes who die in avoidance of Bleaching have upbeat funerals, where others swap stories of that gnome's escapades. If you want to play a daredevil nonogenarian, a gnome is your best bet. ^.^

2.3. Places

2.3.1. Far North Northern Wastes Tribes The Sea of Ice Lonely Towns Descripiton Towns Roads Altleth Mountains: Home of the Goliaths

2.3.2. Northern Kingdoms Arentha: Home of the High Elves History Acadmies of Arentha Towns Latfell: Last stop before the Path of Cairns Roads King's Road/Northern Road Terminus: The Eastern Fortress Elome plains

2.3.3. Southern Cities The Thousand Islands Coastal Mainland Camyan Mountains Western Savanna