Science, Technology & Modern Society

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Science, Technology & Modern Society by Mind Map: Science, Technology & Modern Society

1. Sociological concepts

1.1. Agency

1.1.1. People effect the larger world

1.1.2. Cultural Capital People have access to things that give them privileges in society

1.2. Power

1.2.1. A person/ group within a social structure can influence others

1.3. Dialectical Relationship

1.3.1. People effect and are effected by the larger world.

1.4. Globalization

1.4.1. Inter connectedness between societies and the larger world

1.4.2. Time and space are compressed

1.5. Neoliberalism

1.5.1. Government gives power to small entities which control supply demand and regulatory practices.

1.5.2. Distribution equally vs on need base

1.6. Equity & Equality

1.7. Interactional approach

1.7.1. How people’s actions help other people and social structures

1.8. Structural Approach

1.8.1. How parts of society effect people