Customer Portal -Recover Username

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Customer Portal -Recover Username by Mind Map: Customer Portal -Recover Username

1. UI

1.1. content of

1.2. Email screen

1.2.1. preferred email exist or only one email

1.2.2. invalid or no email

1.2.3. multiple emails

1.3. error messages

2. Functionality

2.1. Form

2.1.1. user enters correct info user has no middle name user has middle name user is guarantor and retreive username using child adfit number child < 18 child >18 retrieve username after changing info in ELK user registers with adfitno.1 then add account adfitno.2 recover using adfitno.1 recover using adfitno.2 user created account but did not create username then try to recover username user recovers username of cancelled account user recovers username of suspended account

2.1.2. user enters incorrect info contact us in error message 21584

2.2. Email screen

2.2.1. if user has no valid email contact us modal

2.2.2. if user has no email contact us modal

2.2.3. if user have preferred email

2.2.4. one email not preferred

2.2.5. if user has multiple emails non preferred 21583

2.2.6. resend

2.2.7. Email is picked from ELK from Adfit number used to recover the password

2.2.8. email resend message should be displayed IPB-20382

2.3. Email received

2.3.1. userame is correct

2.3.2. no data breach

2.4. Security test

2.4.1. masked emails