Learning and Development Plan 2020

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Learning and Development Plan 2020 by Mind Map: Learning and Development Plan 2020

1. 1. Need Analysis

1.1. Survey of what employees have learnt in the past and what they what to learn in the future

1.2. Survey on how effective of the training programme and collect the idea to make it more effective

1.3. Survey on the preferred learning style and what motivate them to learn

2. 2. Design Training Plan

2.1. Set goals for the plan to close performance gap

2.2. Draft the budget needed to achive goals

2.3. Get plan approved

3. 3. Develop Training Programme

3.1. Create Training Programme to fit employees' needs

3.2. Search for external course to meet employees' request

3.3. Develop Improvement Plan to close performance gap

4. 4. Implementation

4.1. Run the programmes by Learning and Development Manager and selected leaders

4.2. Sign employees' to attend external courses

4.3. Run Skills Training by Department Trainers

5. 5. Evaluation

5.1. Pre and Post Class Evaluation submitted through Jot Form

5.2. External Course report submitted through Jot Form