RA Training Spring 2020 Jan. 27th-31st

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RA Training Spring 2020 Jan. 27th-31st by Mind Map: RA Training Spring 2020 Jan. 27th-31st

1. Day 1 and Spring '20 Check-in (27th)

1.1. AUC-Connect Training (Yasser and Waleed)

1.2. Financial Planning (Alem)

1.3. Ideas' Generator (Waleed)

1.4. Welcome Greeting from the Dean of Students

1.5. Building Checks (RAs)

2. Day 2 (28th)

2.1. After Action Review and Future Prospects (Yasser)

2.2. How to Influence Others (Alem)

2.3. On Autism, and how to support differently-abled Residents

2.4. Unit Boards Themes & Sending Welcome Emails (ROs/RA's)

3. Day 3 (29th)

3.1. Policies/Advocate and Effective Incident Report Writing on Day 3

3.2. Warning Signs in Residents and Confidential Referring II (CSW)

3.3. Unit/Hall Preparations Unit Boards

4. Day 4 (30th)

4.1. Evacuation Training (EHS)

4.2. Real Life Confrontation (All Day)

4.3. Role Play Feedback

5. Day 5 (31st)

5.1. ROs Meeting with new members (ResLife Policies and Procedures)

5.2. A Look at Resilience (Nourhan)

5.3. How do you remotivate yourself to do this job semester after semester? What should the new RAs know about the job?"

6. Day 0 (26th)

6.1. RA Arrival and Informal Welcome (RO's)