Grilling opportunities

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Grilling opportunities by Mind Map: Grilling opportunities

1. Footprint

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Many residences do not have the physical space for full size grills (ex. Townhome with only a small patio for outdoor space). Small/portable grills that will accommodate these spaces do not offer the same experience or quality.

1.2. Thermal

1.2.1. Complementary to the physical footprint limitation, many of these same residences are unable to accommodate the heat given off by traditional grills (ex. Apartment 3rd floor balcony).

1.3. Accessory storage

1.3.1. Gas - Propane tank storage

1.3.2. Charcoal Charcoal / Fuel Wood for smoking Chimney / Lighter fluid

2. Waste

2.1. Traditional charcoal grills produce a significant amount of ash. Disposing of this waste can be challenging, especially in suburban and urban environments.

2.2. Excess lighter fluid

2.3. Rusted components

3. Convenience

3.1. Time to temp - Consider both time to reach desired temp and case in which temp exceeds desired temp

3.2. Cooking temp

3.2.1. Multiple temperature profiles Low and slow Sear Direct grill etc.

3.3. Tech

3.3.1. Remote start

3.3.2. Environmental monitor - Temp & humidity

3.3.3. Automatic temp profile settings

4. Experience

4.1. Retain authentic charcoal grill experience

4.1.1. Multiple modes??? Convenience mode "Traditional mode"

4.2. Strike a balance between convenience and experience

4.3. Build upon traditional grilling experience, don't replace.