How to market Regents Park Christian School!?!?

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How to market Regents Park Christian School!?!? by Mind Map: How to market Regents Park Christian School!?!?

1. Community Life eDM - published every Friday during school terms. Students take it home every Friday, it is emailed to parents and a copy is published on the school’s website.

1.1. PDF at the moment. Should be eDM and then HTML page

2. Whats good about it?

2.1. Good transport links

2.2. It's a Christian school - What does this mean?

2.2.1. Narrow pool of students as they have to be Christians the demographic pool is changing for the school in line with the area

2.2.2. the bible directs education - educated in gods will Values are important Samaritans purse parnership Education is more than subjects, its about the person they become Its about equipping a person for gods service

2.2.3. They accept children with issues this impacts test scores this shows they support the community and have values Open to all - under god Diverse student body

2.2.4. We need to show the benefits of Christ based education

2.2.5. All staff are religious

2.2.6. “Person first; Student second, HSC candidate third.”

2.3. School results?

2.3.1. Academic? These are impacted due to taking on children with issues 2018 NAPLAN score have the school hovering around averages Regents Park Christian School Naplan Scores | Good Schools Guide

2.3.2. Sport

2.4. k12 School

2.5. Reputation?

2.6. Support

2.6.1. Year Advisors

2.6.2. Academic Advisors

2.6.3. Youth Pastor Community feel

2.6.4. They care about homelife

2.6.5. Scholarships

2.7. Facilities

2.8. What is the teaching approach?

2.8.1. making sure teachers are good - observing, feedback, progress reports School trains staff

2.8.2. all teachers are christain

2.9. Student special things

2.9.1. student serve in a ministry

2.9.2. Student fundraise

2.9.3. student missionary opportunities

2.9.4. Community

2.9.5. GATE stands for Gifted And Talented Education. Our Gifted and Talented Program has been titled GATEway as we believe the symbolism in the image of a gateway reflects the uniqueness of opportunities presented in this program.

2.10. Our strongest asset is the quality and diversity of the student body.

3. What do we know about it?

3.1. Established 1976

3.2. 650 students

3.3. Drop off at kindy level to other schools

3.4. Ministry of Heartbeat Church Regents Park

3.4.1. What does this mean?

3.5. 59 teachers, average time is 6.2 years at school

3.6. intake any time.

3.7. Typical intake periods: • Anytime • Students usually start at the beginning of the year, but sometimes they start straight away (kindy and year 7)

4. Channels

4.1. Connection to churches

4.2. Where do potential parents enter to view the school - what is a school tour like?

4.2.1. Open days

4.3. School specific events

4.4. community Events

4.5. Promote star students

4.6. Alumni

4.6.1. Parents

4.6.2. Students

4.7. Local newspapers

4.7.1. Send them updates on events, news etc

4.8. Facebook

4.8.1. Organic - mainly for current students

4.8.2. Paid - for reaching new students

4.9. Website

4.9.1. UX Enrolment section needs to be tidied to follow a clear order of steps. Some basic design issues, homepage title below the fold Add phone and email to header Low return users, so not very sticky, people are viewing 4.35 pages, but only spending 1.43 on site. Even split between desktop/mobile. time on page is 31 seconds. sucks most traffic 55% organic, then direct. Very little referral

4.9.2. Content - NEEDS and IA Review Homepage lacks intro stratement area, section titles. Where are they now should be visual Needs a why us section Change school life to Learning here Needs an integrated blog with categories IA should follow User Jouney - Proposition, Why Us, About Us, Apply, Substantiate with other info Users are visiiting the homepage, but only 6% visit enrolment page (3rd) same amount as exmployement

4.9.3. SEO Headers in places are images not text

4.9.4. Tech Not SSL

4.10. Adwords

4.10.1. currently when searching the school, another school is paying to rank higher

4.11. LinkedIn?

4.12. Referrers

4.12.1. Regents Park Christian School | Private Schools Guide

4.12.2. Find and Compare Schools in Australia | Good Schools Guide Need to update this site like this example William Clarke College Naplan Scores | Good Schools Guide

4.12.3. Regents Park Christian School - Christian Schools Australia

4.13. Internal resources to connect to current students

4.13.1. Year Advisors - Year Advisers are responsible for wellbeing of the students in their year group. They work closely with the school wellbeing team and classroom teachers. They are usually the first point of contact for parents in relation to any issues or problems about a student.

4.13.2. teachers

4.13.3. Youth Pastor - Youth Pastors work for churches where they lead children and teenagers, educate them about Christianity, and encourage them to worship, do volunteer work and get involved in community outreach. Youth Pastors provide students with Bible study lessons and other services.

4.13.4. Academic advisors

4.13.5. Other parents

4.13.6. Older kids/alumni

5. What do we know about the parents?

5.1. CIS Survey indicates religion is not a primary factor for parents - they prefer discipline, quality of education, potential

5.2. mostly females visiting the site 65% and mostly 25-44 age group, indicating parents

5.3. FB audience mostly by mobile

5.4. Current body - In 2018, the school had approximately 66% of students coming from a non-English speaking background. The predominant language is Korean followed by Chinese, Tongan, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese and Burmese. We are a regional school and students are from a broad cross-section of communities in South Western Sydney.

5.5. The RPCS ideal client: 1. Christian 2. Christian Morals 3. Value a Christ Centered education 4. Location (within 10 -15kms from Regents Park) 5. Parents Age – (25 - 35 years old) 6. Salary – over $60,000 a year 7. Enjoy community 8. Want to be involvement 9. Attend events 10. Understand the importance of wholistic education

5.6. Geographic Lidcombe Regents Park Sefton Berala Chester Hill Bass Hill Yagona Botanica Close to bus line Close to public transport (train)

6. Barriers

6.1. Impacted test scores

6.2. funding

6.3. Trouble retaning y7

6.4. Christian Schools in surrounding areas: HopePoint Christian School Condell Park Christian School Greenacre Baptist Christian Community School Northcross Christian School St George Christian School Essington Christian Academy Kingdom Culture Christian School Toongabbie Christian College Tyndale Christian School Pacific Hills Christian School Shire Christian School Covenant Christian School Sydney St George Christian School Westmead Christian Grammar School William Carey Christian School

7. Objectives

7.1. increase enrollments from 650 to 800

7.1.1. Clarity of proposition

7.1.2. Reach new parents better

7.1.3. Reduce drop off from kindy

8. Brand

8.1. Simple but dated

8.1.1. Implementation is not great, but is consistent at least

8.1.2. Layout and basic design issues - do they need ongoing design resources?

8.1.3. Good amount of student photos,. but style is mismatch

8.2. Grow up in Christ is vague

8.2.1. Should Christ be first - benefits of features

8.3. We need to ensure design is simple and clear and proposition is for the benefit of the student