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World War 2 by Mind Map: World War 2

1. the Holocaust

2. Fought in Pacific and Asia

3. war in the Pacific

4. war in Europe

5. war on the home front

6. Germany invades Poland

7. Dieppe (Germany victory)

8. DDay (Allies victory)

9. Battle of the Buldge

10. Allies free France from Nazi Germany

11. Nazi's are forced back to Germany

12. VE day (war is over)

13. Hitler commits suicide

14. Happened in Germany

15. Nuremberg laws (Antisemitic)

16. Kristallnacht

17. |Jewish people forced to live together in 'ghettos'

18. Creation of concentration/death camps

19. resulted in 6 million (2/3 of Europe) Jewish deaths

20. Canada joined the war

21. Women were working full time

22. Black Canadians were allowed to fight

23. Aboriginal Canadians were allowed to fight

24. Manhattan project

25. Attack on Pearl Harbor

26. Battle of Hong Kong

27. Bombing of Hiroshima

28. Bombing of Nagasaki

29. Potsdam declaration

30. Japan surrenders