Free Range Cattle in National Forests

Free Range Cattle in National Forests

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Free Range Cattle in National Forests by Mind Map: Free Range Cattle in National Forests

1. Rangeland Ecology

1.1. Free Range Cattle

1.2. Ranches

1.3. Wild Horses

1.3.1. Management Slaughter Houses Domestication

1.4. Grassland's

1.4.1. Management of Native Species

1.4.2. Endangered Grassland Species and Areas National Grasslands

1.4.3. Introduction of Native Species

1.5. Water Quality and Quantity

1.5.1. Management for water sources for cattle and Wildlife

2. Fisheries and Wildife

2.1. Wildlife in Agriculture Ecosystems

2.2. Endangered Species Management

2.3. Predators that Attack Cattle

2.3.1. Wolves Wolf Management Collaring Transplanting them somewhere else

2.3.2. Cougars

2.3.3. Possibly Bears

2.4. Water Quality and Quantity

3. Forestry

3.1. Timber management

3.1.1. Timber harvest

3.1.2. Clear cuts and replanting

3.1.3. Sustainable Management

3.2. Introduction of Invasive species

3.3. Private and Public Timber Groups

3.4. Water Quality and Quantity

4. Human Relations

4.1. Private Agencies

4.2. The Public

4.2.1. Public Land Owners

4.3. Federal Agencies

4.3.1. USDA

4.3.2. National Parks Service

4.3.3. Bureau of Land Management

4.3.4. US Fish and Wildlife Services

4.4. Public Views on Agriculture

5. Challenges and Opportunities for Private Landowners to Initiate Conservation Actions

6. Management of Free-range cattle in National Forests with wolves and timber and the public look at cattle getting killed and how we manage our natural Resources.

7. Food Production

7.1. Meat Resources from these CAttle

7.2. Dairy Resources from these cattle

8. Ecosystem Management

8.1. The Cattle keep fuels for fire low

8.2. Eats saplings and small vegetation species

8.3. Water Quality and Quantity

8.3.1. Soil erosion and vegetation trampling