Brittany - Teaching with Technology

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Brittany - Teaching with Technology by Mind Map: Brittany - Teaching with Technology

1. Beebots

1.1. coding

1.2. scratch

2. iPads

2.1. SAMR program

2.2. Creating posters and reports, books easily

2.3. manipulating and editing images

2.3.1. teaches students how images can be manipulated by authors to elicit a specific response

3. Class Dojo

3.1. behaviour management

3.2. contact with parents and families

3.3. running record of behaviour and work

4. Videos

4.1. watch for informative purposes

4.2. cater for varied learners

4.3. visual, audio and subtitles catering for many

5. STEM Projects

5.1. integrating engineering

5.2. learning through trial and error

5.3. mouse trap race cars

5.4. explaining conceptual understanding in many ways

6. Design projects

6.1. Making a food-truck

6.2. designing a race-car

6.3. Potato Battery

6.4. Understanding processes through design

7. Complex math repeating programs

7.1. square numbers

7.2. times tables

7.3. algebra

8. Researching online

8.1. teaches real-world skills for research

8.2. Learning what information to trust

8.3. How to verify 'facts'

9. Go Noodle Brain breaks

9.1. Allow students to disconnect from paper then re-focus

10. Building and making structures in Art

10.1. engineering

10.2. trial and error

10.3. drafting and creating

10.4. perfecting designs

10.5. explaining why things worked/didn't

11. Integrating technology for a vibrant program

11.1. Less boring - not all paper and worksheets

12. Can connect with any subject area

12.1. easily transposed for any subject with enough creativity

12.2. keeps things fresh and exciting for students

13. Universal Design for Learning

13.1. Can target various learning styles/abilities

14. Plickers Quizzes

14.1. easy whole class quiz with less time wasted from each child having a device

14.2. fun for the children

14.3. safe competition

15. I actually prefer paper and hands on

15.1. Integrating tech just to check a box seems silly to me

15.2. it must be enriching the program, not just artificially souping it up