Brainstorming 'Out of the Dust'

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Brainstorming 'Out of the Dust' by Mind Map: Brainstorming 'Out of the Dust'

1. How would everyday life have been affected?

1.1. Eating

1.1.1. Getting clean and edible crops

1.2. Breathing

1.2.1. The air was now contaminated so people wore masks and struggled to breathe.

1.3. Excersising

1.3.1. Breathing

1.3.2. Dirty clothing

1.4. Hygiene

1.4.1. Clothing/Washing Women struggled to dry and wash their clothing/sheets effectively.

1.4.2. Personal Higiene It was hard to wash and keep clean

2. What might it have been like to live during this time?

2.1. Hard

2.1.1. Economical Crisis

2.1.2. War

2.1.3. Dust Storms

2.2. A struggle to do everyday things.

2.2.1. Eat

2.2.2. Clean

2.2.3. Breathe

2.2.4. Exercise

2.3. Unpredictable

2.3.1. Crops Blowing away

2.3.2. Food source

2.4. Tiring

2.4.1. Always worried

2.4.2. Constantly aware

2.4.3. Physically exhuasting

3. What human qualities help people to survive?

3.1. Strength

3.2. Patience

3.3. Perseverance

3.4. Strong will

3.5. Determination

3.6. Confidence

3.7. Belief