campus area network server configuration

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campus area network server configuration by Mind Map: campus area network server configuration

1. File sharing service in linux server

1.1. advanteges of the linux server

1.2. 1. strong performance - linux operating system very strong ni processing

1.3. 2.Reliability - server can last for a long time

1.4. 3. Easy to use - rebooting process and management found

2. Most comman file sharing services in linux

2.1. 1. Network file system (NFS)

2.2. 2. Samba (SMB Protocol)

3. (NFS) - is the standard format of file system in the UNIX Samba - is file sharing using the CIFS protocol

4. Advantages of NFS - Local workstations use less disk space because commonly used data can be stored on a single machine and still remain accessible to others over the network.

5. COMMON INTERNET FILE SYSTEM (CIFS) PROTOCOL SUITE The Common Internet File System (CIFS) is the standard way that computer users share files across corporate intranets and the Internet.

6. BASIC CIFS SERVICES Samba consists of two key programs, smbd and nmbd. Their job is to implement the four basic modern-day CIFS services: - File and print services Authentication and Authorization Name resolution Service announcement (browsing)

7. BASIC CIFS SERVICES Authentication & Authorization Authentication is the process where user’s credentials are used to verify the user’s identity. It is a process of determining the identity of request entity.