How to make a good speech

Mind Map on how to make a good speech.

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How to make a good speech by Mind Map: How to make a good speech

1. Before

1.1. Considerate the topic of the speech

1.2. Know your audience

1.3. Structure your ideas

2. writting

2.1. Rich vocabulary

2.2. Short and meaningful sentences

2.3. Raising questions

2.4. Strategic arguments

2.5. Wordplay and puns

2.6. Cultural references

2.7. Figures of speech

2.8. Verb tenses

2.9. Relevant examples

3. Address

3.1. Empathize with the audience

3.2. Try not to read

3.3. Show your personality

3.4. Project your voice

3.5. Appealing pace

3.6. Intuition and tone

3.7. Emplacement