Class Connections WS4

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Class Connections WS4 by Mind Map: Class Connections WS4

1. Pets

1.1. Chewy the chihuahua, smokey the cat. Ethan A.

1.2. Shuggie the Pitbull, 5 horses, 3 fish, Lola the English Bulldog. Karigan N

1.3. German shepherd (Ruby) and dachshund ( Stanley) Nina-Kate H.

1.4. Akita (Athena) and Pitbull (Baylee)

1.5. Nieko (labradoodle), Danielle T

1.6. Heeler/pointer mix (Oliver), Mini Schnauzer (Beaux), Chinese Crested (Dolly), Ashley M.

2. Shows Worth Binging

2.1. SOA, Dr J

2.2. Ozark, Dr. J

2.3. Shameless, Naomi A.

2.4. You, Terionne B.

2.5. Good Girls, Terionne B.

2.6. American Horror Story, Emily L.

2.7. Power, Lindajia W.

2.8. Breaking Bad, Karigan N

2.9. Parks and Recreation, Geena Z.

2.10. The Original Twilight Zone (Not the Reboot)- Isaiah D

2.11. Mindhunter, Bella S

2.12. I'm Sorry (Netflix) Adrianne B.

2.13. The Office, Hannan A.

2.14. This Is Us, Brashae C.

2.15. Castle Rock, Jordan S.

2.16. Supernatural, Nina-Kate H.

2.17. Breaking bad. Ethan A.

2.18. You, Ashley M.

3. Sports

3.1. Soccer, Dr J

3.2. College Basketball, Dr J

3.3. Dallas Cowboys, Aaron R

3.4. Volleyball, Erika Y

3.5. Horseback riding, Karigan N

3.6. Basketball, Isaiah D

3.7. Boxing , Alondra V

3.8. Soccer. Ethan A.

3.9. Competitive Cheer, Ashley M.

4. Food

4.1. Blue Apron Meals, Dr J

4.2. Mexican Food, Emily L.

4.3. Spaghetti, Aaron R.

4.4. Runza, Hagen F.

4.5. Sushi, Lindajia W.

4.6. Fettuccine Alfredo, Erika Y

4.7. Steak, Karigan N

4.8. Seafood, Geena Z.

4.9. Hibachi, Isaiah D

4.10. Pizza, Wesley W.

4.11. Cajun Food, Adrianne B.

4.12. Seafood (shrimp) or chipotle, Nina-Kate H.

4.13. Steak. Ethan A.

4.14. Seafood, Danielle T.

4.15. Hibachi, Ashley M.

5. Travel

5.1. Croatia, Aaron R.

5.2. All 50 States, Lindajia W.

5.3. Florida, South Carolina, Alberta, Canada, Paris France, Erika Y

5.4. Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Costa Rica. Karigan N

5.5. Louisiana, North Carolina, Orlando. Isaiah D

5.6. All 50 states, Wesley W.

5.7. Overseas (Dreamer), Adrianne B.

5.8. California, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Washington, Oregon, The Bahamas, Oklahoma, Kansas. Jordan S.

5.9. Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan, Nina-Kate H.

5.10. All of europe, california, colorado, new mexico, florida, oklahoma. Ethan A.

5.11. Travel all of Mexico, Ana B

5.12. Cancun, Mexico, Ashley M.

6. Music

6.1. Tool, Aaron R.

6.2. The band CAMINO, Steve Y.

6.3. George Strait, Karigan N

6.4. 50's, 60's,70's,80's,90's, R&B, Alternative, Soul - Isaiah D

6.5. Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Erika Y

6.6. patsy Cline, Kacey muscraves, jimi hendrix


6.8. Gospel music Jamie Howard

6.9. Pop or current christian, Nina-Kate H.

6.10. Drake, mac miller, lil wayne. Ethan A.

6.11. Country, Pop, Rap, Ashley M.

7. Hobbies

7.1. Photography, Aaron R.

7.2. Video Games, Hagen F.

7.3. Cooking, Steve Y.

7.4. Baking, Erika Y

7.5. Taking dog to the dog park, horseback riding. Karigan N

7.6. Modeling. Isaiah D

7.7. Vintage & Discount Shopping, Adrianne B.

7.8. Writing Poetry & Prose, Jordan S.

7.9. Working out, reading Ricardo J

7.10. Hanging out with friends/girlfriend, video games, movies. Ethan A.

7.11. Fashion Modeling, Ana B

7.12. Acting/Modeling, Ashley M.

8. Career Goals

8.1. Complete law school & become a lawyer, Karigan N

8.2. Complete school and sit for my CPA exam, Geena Z.

8.3. Invest while completing school and develop a corp. Isaiah D

8.4. Become an Environmental Engineer & Save this beautiful planet! Adrianne B.

8.5. Eventually have my own practice in counseling. Brashae C.

8.6. Early elementary or pre-school teacher, Nina-Kate H.

8.7. In flight school, so to become a pilot. Ethan A.

8.8. Start my own business, Ashley M.

9. Favorite Streaming Service

9.1. Netflix, Geena Z.

9.2. Disney Plus. Isaiah D

9.3. Netflix, Wesley W.

9.4. Netflix, Erika Y

9.5. Hulu, Bella S

9.6. Netflix, Adrianne B.

9.7. Netflix, Jordan S.

9.8. Netflix. Ethan A.

9.9. Netflix, Karigan N

9.10. Netflix - Ana B

9.11. Disney +, Ashley M.

10. Movies to watch

10.1. Dirty Dancing, Nina-Kate H.

10.2. The Red Sea Diving Resort (NETFLIX), Alondra V

10.3. Any scary movie. Ethan A.

10.4. Elsewhere - Ana Belman

10.5. Cars, Ashley M.

11. Kids

11.1. 3 yr old, Alondra V

12. Favorite Book

12.1. Jane Eyre, Nina-Kate H.

12.2. The Weight of Silence by Heather G - Ana Belman

12.3. Chatterbox, Ashley M.

13. Favorite Color

13.1. Neon pink, Karigan N

13.2. Green, Aaron R.

13.3. Baby blue, Ana B

13.4. Red, Ashley M.

14. Role Model

14.1. Frida Kahlo, Ana B

14.2. My mom, Ashley M.