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Tornado by Mind Map: Tornado

1. Ingredients

1.1. Moisture

1.2. Lift

1.3. Instability

1.4. Shear

1.5. What is a Tornado?

2. The Fujita Scale

2.1. Scale for rating a tornado, based on damage

2.1.1. How Are Tornadoes Rated? Learn About the Enhanced Fujita Scale | Allstate Insurance

2.2. EF0: 65-85 MPH

2.3. EF1: 86-110 MPH

2.4. EF2: 111-135 MPH

2.5. EF3: 136-165 MPH

2.6. EF4: 166-200 MPH

2.7. EF5: 201 MPH+

3. Types of Warnings

3.1. Tornado Watch

3.1.1. Weather conditions are favorable for a tornado. Keep monitoring the weather/tv/radio for updates

3.2. Tornado Warning

3.2.1. A severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado/has produced a tornado is in the area. This is when you should take shelter

3.3. Tornado Emergency

3.3.1. An enhanced version of a tornado warning to signify that a large/destructive tornado is headed towards a very populated area.